Healthy employees.
Strong employer brand.


Inspire your employees to exercise regularly every day - with a motivational system that is fun and promotes employee performance and loyalty. An investment that is particularly worthwhile for your company.

Exercise for everyone. Regardless of location.

Bewegung für Alle. Ortsunabhängig. Whether you are a walker, footballer, cyclist, gym-goer, swimmer or wheelchair user. MySports Rewards motivates your employees to be more active, without being tied to a provider - worldwide!

An innovative motivation system.

Every step counts. Our program motivates people to exercise more with attractive activity-based incentives in the form of vouchers, especially for those who have not yet found the key to regular exercise.

Moving together creates loyalty.

Thanks to company challenges, employees can not only be active together, but also create new, positive topics of conversation. Experience has shown that sooner or later 80% of them will join in.

Supplement existing offers.

Do you already offer your employees exercise programs? Perfect! MySports Rewards encourages participation for those who have not been active before. This turns the cost of programs into an investment that pays off for the company.



Investing in employee health results in considerable savings in personnel costs. For example, sick days at customers have been reduced by -25%. At the same time, employee loyalty increases and staff turnover usually decreases significantly. The benefits for companies are clearly demonstrated by the case studies of our customers below.

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A program that reaches everyone

We want to inspire all of your employees to exercise more. MySports Rewards can track activities anywhere and completely independent of existing memberships. In this way we reward actual activity and not just the provision of sports infrastructure. In this way, we enable every employee to experience their own form of exercise - at their level and at their speed.

Our program supports every activity

We really support every activity! This enables your employees to experience their form of exercise at their level and at their speed. Without pressure or peer pressure. The activities are tracked via our motivational app.



Reward and motivate sporting activities

Through customer feedback, we know that a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation motivates most people to increase participation. Especially when they notice positive changes in health or social recognition. That's why we reward small steps with vouchers from our Rewards Shop in order to generate the starting energy for long-term motivation, like a swing ship.

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Extract from our rewards

Numerous vouchers are waiting for your employees in our MySports Rewards Shop, and our shop is constantly growing. There is something for everyone: food, fashion, technology and much more. Donations for a good cause are also possible! Note: Vouchers may vary depending on country and continent.

Your benefits as a company

  • Activates all employees
  • Strengthens the company community
  • Fewer sick days
  • Reduces fluctuation
  • Improves employer branding
  • Little administrative effort
  • Full cost transparency

Motivation app for your employees

  • Everybody can participate
  • Every movement counts
  • Large selection of non-cash rewards
  • Flexible & location independent
  • Healthier and fitter

Thats what our customers say


I am pleasantly surprised that so many employees are motivated to exercise regularly with MySports Rewards. Twice as many colleagues are taking part as I expected.

Marina Göwert

Omnibusbetrieb Nieporte GmbH

Ready to bring movement to your company?

We would be happy to present our program to you personally and answer all your questions. Would you like to get started straight away? No problem. We would be happy to help you with this too. Simply arrange an appointment with us free of charge and without obligation.