The advantages for your company

From an employer's perspective, there are different scenarios why MySports Rewards can be used and which company KPIs can be improved with it. Here we have summarized the most important ones:

Reduce absenteeism

“We were able to reduce our absenteeism by 25%”

Reduce fluctuation

“Turnover has decreased since MySports Rewards was introduced.”

Employer Branding

“Every time our employees redeem a voucher, they think of us.”


“We talk about sports in the kitchen now instead of the weather.”

Team spirit

“Real sports groups have now been formed here. Cool."

Location independent

“Our employees can do sports anywhere. That's great!"

Optimal addition

“We already have the JobRad. With MySports Rewards the offer is now greatly supported.”

Small effort

“The management portal is super easy to use. Every now and then we set our own challenges.”

For anyone and everyone

“We are overwhelmed that everyone can take part! Nobody is excluded.”



Many sports offers are primarily a cost for companies. The main reason is that they appeal to people who already do a lot of exercise. MySports Rewards is different. We target everyone. We activate those who are not yet active. The aforementioned return on investment is particularly noticeable here due to reduced sick days, better networking and motivation and, last but not least, reduced fluctuation.

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Experiences of our customers


I am pleasantly surprised that so many employees are motivated to exercise regularly with MySports Rewards. Twice as many colleagues are taking part as I expected when I decided on MySports Rewards.

Marina Göwert

Omnibusbetrieb Nieporte GmbH


A smart app that makes it easier for us to achieve our goals – exactly how we like it! The whole team is now involved and we encourage each other. After several months it is clear: we are actually moving more permanently.

Robert Bernhardt

Micromerce GmbH


MySports Rewards is easy to integrate into the everyday lives of almost all employees. All interests are actually addressed, no one is at a disadvantage, young and older colleagues can equally earn their STARS through sporting activity.

Ann-Katrin Serve

RZH Rechenzentrum Hartmann GmbH & Co. KG


We give companies the opportunity to take a seat in the “driver seat” and proactively and proactively make positive changes to the success-critical topics of “exercise, health, motivation and satisfaction of all employees” immediately and sustainably.

Till Kubelke

MySports Rewards GmbH

Not convinced yet?

We would be happy to introduce you to our MySports Rewards program and answer all your questions. Simply arrange an appointment with us free of charge and without obligation. We look forward to seeing you.