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With small goals, small steps and attractive rewards, we make your employees a little more active every day. There is hardly any expense for the company. See for yourself.

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Get in touch with us and get corporate access to MySports Rewards.

Set up employer portal

Upload your logo and a teaser image to the employer portal. You can also invite employees, start challenges and define rewards via the employer portal.

Invite participants

Simply invite your employees to MySports Rewards by email or using the QR code. You will then receive an automated email from us with the most important information.

Start challenges

Start one of our predefined challenges or create your own challenge. All you have to do is set the time period and an optional reward and off you go. We start standard monthly challenges automatically.


You decide which daily and monthly goals employees should achieve in order to receive a reward. We recommend starting with 7,000 Activity Points daily.


You decide how high the monthly reward is for achieving a goal. The team can redeem the rewards for vouchers in the shop at the end of the month. Billing is done automatically by MySports Rewards.

The most important terms around MySports Rewards

Activity Points

Employees can collect activity points with every sporting activity. We convert the activities accordingly. For example, 1 step, 1 minute of training or cycling 2 meters corresponds to 1 activity point.


Employees receive STARS for achieving daily targets. The STARS are credited at the end of the month and can be exchanged for numerous vouchers in the MySports Rewards Shop.

Daily goal

The WHO recommends at least 7,500 steps a day to promote good health. We have therefore defined a standard target of 7,500 activity points. The goal can be customized for each employee and team.

Monthly goal

It's great when employees achieve their daily goal every day. However, we know from our experience: achieving the daily goal 30 times a month is a lot to ask! We have therefore defined the number 10 as our monthly goal. This means that employees can achieve their goal and win STARS ten times a month.

Rewards Shop

We are talking about our MySports Rewards Shop. The STARS can be exchanged in our store for vouchers from HelloFresh, MediaMarkt, Rossmann and 30 other providers.

How much effort does it take for us?

We take care of the complete service. After the one-time setup, you only incur expenses if you create your own challenges or invite additional participants.

Our MySports Rewards Tools

MySports Logo
Employer portal

Your portal to invite participants, define goals and rewards and start challenges.

MySports Logo
Motivational App

The MySports Rewards motivational app to motivate employees to exercise daily.

Everything at a glance: The employer portal

In the employer portal you can see how active your employees are in sports. The trend statistics give you an overview of the performance of the entire team. Of course, while respecting the privacy of all participants.


Still questions?

We would be happy to introduce you to our program and answer all your questions. Simply arrange an appointment with us free of charge and without obligation. We look forward to seeing you.